About Us

Company History

This company opened it’s doors in January 21, 2009, in this very spot on North State Street. The building was the foresight of vision that Dr. Arrington had in 2008.

Company Goals

Our company goals are to treat the poor and rich as efficient as possible and with the best dental care that money can buy. We treat all patients like royalty and show compassion on those who need it the most. Our long term goals are to acquire other dentist and expand to a at least a multi-dental complex. Our short term goals are to work hard and as diligent as we can while we are in the facility, and show just as much charity outside of the facility. We desire to deliver to our patients nothing but the best treatment. In order to achieve our goals, word of mouth is our best advertiser. Thus, we must at all times respect and honor the privacy and fears that our patients have about dentistry. We must keep their personal medical information private and ease their fears about the care that we love to render.

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Dentist Biography (Elijah Arrington III D.M.D.)

  • Hometown: Greenville MS
  • Seven years of serving in Armed Forces
  • Married with kids (Emmanuel James, Kristen Faith, and Anna Grace)
  • Christian Faith
  • Hobbies – general construction and remodeling antique cars
  • Former E.M.T (emergency medical technician)
  • Graduate of Delta State University – Bachelors of Science
  • Graduate of University Mississippi Dental School – Doctorate of Dental Medicine
  • Externship at Indiana Purdue University in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Active member of American Dental Association
  • Member of University of MS Medical Center Standing Advisory Council (Division of Multicultural Affairs)
  • Member of the MS Dental Society
  • Member of the MS Dental Association
  • Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership
  • MDI Dental Implant Certified
  • Advanced Dental Implant Certified
  • Conscious Sedation License (#1057)
  • Member of the Academy of General Denistry
  • Member of the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants